Saturday, February 9, 2019

Update status on two great things happening....

Having fun back in New Zealand. Granddaughter is staying over ... loving that...
Have been enjoying family, fun, fresh air, sunshine and life is good and about
to get a whole lot better....
Some updates on Vitae and Go founders...  😀
Vitae is in Beta testing mode for now, not open to the public just yet ..
Great update video for Vitae and also about patience, which has been required
for both Vitae SRW Launch and also waiting on the launch of Onpassive...
which will blow the industry up, in such a good way... Can't wait for that!
Super exciting year for 2019 ...We do have our temporary site at Gofounders
Do consider getting in there as a founder before we go live ...
Huge advantage!  Millions will be coming in for sure ... Love, love, love it!

We have now hit yet another milestone as well... way to go everyone ...   😍

Now for the update for Vitae, opening to the public very soon!

For more information go to my Vitae tab above ...  

Or Click below to become a Founder Today!  😊  

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Two huge launches all coming together nicely ..

2019 is about to rock the internet world,  big time! 
The time to stop all the scams, is now ...  

Going to be an awesome year ahead, we have been 
waiting for months now and things are finally coming 
together nicely.  Scams will be a thing of the past as 
everyone will know what to look out for, before wasting their
valuable time and money ...  About time, right ?  ✌
While I have been fortunate enough not to fall for most of 
the scams for the past few years now,  so many have, sadly ..
That is all about to change real soon...  😀
You too, will then expect great things ... after doing what works! 

Get ready to Rock & Roll this year ..
and never look back ..  👀

With Freemart, Onpassive. which is (GoFounders) & Vitae SRW I have the perfect trio!  
Or just any one of those at all , you will definitely be on the right track.  
I think everyone is super excited about "the new system" 
because that alone will help you grow any other legit business
 you might have on autopilot  100% Done for you.. say what? YES & YAY!  😜 
Vitae news will be on the Vitae tab above and is in Beta right now ...

You will definitely want to check this one out NOW! 

GoFounders is the temporary site until the huge unveiling of the
 REAL DEAL (not been done before) SYSTEM.. ✌

And help yourself and all of us to Stop the Scammers!!  

Let's stick together ...  😊


Monday, December 24, 2018

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Why, now is NOT the time to sell your Crypto Holdings ...

So why are prices falling?  😉
Why are the news feeds about crypto negative?
Why are they trying so hard to shake people’s confidence?

This year has been one of intense market manipulation,
one where the institutional investors have woken up to the value
and opportunity of the blockchain and have chosen to use the media,
limited supply and future tools to manipulate the prices down,
providing them value entry points. 
They have been buying & buying in large volumes, in a market
that ultimately has an extremely limited supply.
They do this, to shake both supply and prices loose which has necessitated
some extreme market manipulation and fear mongering.
Do not fall for their game!

For those holding cryptocurrency, these manipulations have created fear
and resulted in a massive slide in the value of your portfolio.
Now is not the time to let fear influence you, the underlying concept,
the limited supply metrics are all in your long-term favour.
Now is the time to HODL (Hold on for dear life) and increase the
volume of your cryptocurrency holdings.

In a limited supply market, where mass adoption is increasingly
occurring, opportunity infrequently knocks twice.
Now is the time to leverage your upside by buying.....
BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, XLM are incredible buying opportunities.
 Are you seeing the opportunity or listening to the tulip crowd?

Blockchain tech and cryptocurrencies solve some of the greatest
financial challenges in a unique, empowering and transparent way.
Governments, International bodies, Banks, and Institutional Investors
are starting to embrace the solutions.
 * Do not be fooled by the crash prices. 👀
They are simply designed to scare you into exiting your holdings to
the institutional investors so a bull run can occur, in which the limited
supply ensures real wealth transference.

For those in International countries, other than the US... 
CEX is also a very simple and easy way to buy crypto currencies.