The only real piss off I have with this one,  is that this was 
Michael Webers idea at first..  Hmmmm! 
After him shutting down X100K & CN ,  without 
any notice or warning, not 100% I trust him any more. 
However, this is run by a much larger group, so will give
it the benefit of the doubt, for now at least. 
The Vitae token has certainly jumped up in value since it first came out. 

 Launched for Beta testers....  "Vitae Tokens" 
COMING VERY SOON.. to the public...
Growing Global Prosperity!  

Contact me on skype for more information .. 

Come join the FUN ...

 You can read the whitepaper by clicking on 
Donald Duck ..... and or go to the main site  here ==>  Vitaetoken 

Even Kermit likes Vitae ... 😀


Vitae is actually Latin for "Life"

" Long Live Vitae"

Good news, Vitae is now listed on CoinMarketCap.com 
Price is growing ! we will see! 👀

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