Sunday, July 17, 2016

Freemart and Long time between posting ... :)

We are back in New Zealand for a while and have not had much
internet access lately, my how time flies, had not realised it had
been quite so long since I had added new posts...

So much comes and goes in online business it is crazy sometimes...
Freemart is still my number one focus and always will be, however
they have had some issues themselves, so we are still waiting for
everything to be ready to re-launch after some dramas with one of
the owners being totally dishonest, namely David Crookston getting
greedy .. mind you, the word Crook is in his name, go figure!
John Austin is now the only CEO and the most honest man you could
ever meet and also Tom and his group of programmers who are ever
so close to finishing off the brand new website for Free-mart.

Things are moving along slowly but surely and Freemart will be huge
once things are all taken care of, hopefully very soon now....

 The future will be bright!