*LIVE GOOD* oh, I will


I was looking to replace Freemart, as after 6 great years that is closing down. I must say I was impressed and grateful to have found the company called " Live Good" they have a free tour site so you can see for free who joins and falls underneath you, with a cut off date every Thursday each week to purge out the ones that will not be joining us ....  

I was also looking to replace our coffee which is a "Nescafe" one LOL 
I am very fussy when it comes to coffee, however the LiveGood one sounds amazing . 
I will let you know after trying it, my order is now on the way!  😍😀

I am excited as I have been in network marketing for 25 years on & off, just got unlucky when I built a good business, then they would close down ... never knew why.  😏
Maybe the timing was off, who knows?  Anyway, moving along for a great start to 2023 as so many people are looking for extra income and need the products, so it is a win/win for everyone I would say. 😊

Perfect timing too. Be careful what you wish for! lol 😁

Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New year too.
A lot of great products to check out :
And affordable prices too. Nice! 

Live , laugh , love... & be happy! 😊

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