Friday, August 5, 2016

Some quotes & also new updates on the Ad~Ventures page....

I am very particular in what I join these days, as things can
certainly be very unpredictable and unstable quite often...
I join what I know will last and be around a long time and
my predictions are usually correct 95% of the time....

I have added a couple of updates on the Advertising page,
Traffic Powerline is coming soon from the owners of MoBrabus..
It is probably one of the most sustainable rev share plans I have
seen in quite a while.
As most of us know from experience by now they can often come & go quite
quickly, especially when run by owners who care more about themselves
 than they seem to about their actual members...

So check that page out today & also ACX has added some new parts
without the restarts which everyone seems to be liking so far, plus the
new search part as well, is a great idea & almost ready to go...

And a  couple of quotes I particularly like ...  :) 

“ Kind words are worth much and they cost little. ”
 ~Proverb on Kindness