Thursday, December 24, 2020

Merry Christmas to everyone & it will be a very HAPPY NEW YEAR, could not be any worse than 2020, could it? Umm, NO!

 Thank goodness 2020 is almost over, what a crazy year that was! 😖😟

Looking forward to a much better 2021 that is for sure... while we didn't get the full launch of ONPASSIVE to the public yet, it is always about timing for things to happen, when the time is right and it has been quite a journey along the way to prosperity for everyone, the new year will most definitely be a fun one! 

If you do anything online at all, you will end up needing to use ONPASSIVE at some point , so why not enjoy being a Founder along with almost 400,000 other lucky people around the world...  With love, have a very Merry Christmas! 💖😍

Monday, December 14, 2020

Almost another 100,000 since my last post ... Joined us in our ONPASSIVE family!

 Patience is required a little bit longer, with all the chaos still happening around the world at least we have something exciting to look forward to.   

ONPASSIVE has another new office in India and a lot has happened in the background since.  Amazing progress and some pictures below of the new office.

One of the conference rooms they had the meeting in a couple of weeks ago.

Just one of the many products to compare ONPASSIVE with Zoom for instance.
Without any limits and everything in one place with every tool ever needed!  

Think big tech' but with a heart , fully automated "Done for YOU"
And you get paid to use them ~ Pure GENIUS!!  😀

That is CATMO!