Tuesday, March 31, 2020

67,000 and growing daily .....

The new normal ... Working from Home... 😳
The world needs us now more than ever ...  

Hope you are all staying safe & sound! 
As scary as things might seem, try to stay positive! 


Thursday, March 26, 2020

New milestone + our 100th webinar today WOW...

While the world is in chaos it seems, we are all in lock down here in Auckland, New Zealand along with so many other countries now. 😕
However this too will pass AND there is a light at the end of the tunnel! 

We had our 100th webinar (Private one) today and WOW! 
ONPASSIVE will save the world one person at a time... 
It WILL be a household name one day and there is so many lovely, 
happy Founders all knowing we are in the right place right now.
What better time than now, to be working from home ? 😍

Even though we are in prelaunch mode, it is a huge business already.
With so many people losing their jobs and are so worried about the 
future, I just wish the whole world already knew about us ....  💗 
They don't yet, but they sure will. 
We are already a huge movement and have the vision
that will help so many people around the world. 


Thursday, March 19, 2020

65,000+ Founders and a MUST WATCH Video..

 A Truly Global Movement is ONPASSIVE!

This video needs to go as viral as the virus! 😍

Seems Dr Dan Lee Dimke PHD,  wrote his book in 1984 😲
How to conquer the common cold and flu & since the C-Virus is 
just another flu virus basically , seems to me that this is IMPORTANT
 to tell people about. Plus the video is GOOD news...  
Might stop some of the panic that is going on out there.
(If only more people actually read my blog LOL) 😏
Besides Silver helping too & no one is talking about that either.
Because the FDA is shutting them all up. Hmmm! 
Shocker ~ NOT! 
Why not some good news for a change....? 
Silver does kill ALL viruses... ! 😀

😍😀Happy Weekend !! 😍😁 Stay safe! 💬
or get a hair dryer if you don't have one LOL 
(If you watched the video, you will get that) ðŸ‘

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Happy St Patricks Day and a COOL video!

💚Cool Video, Great Song! 💚


ONPASSIVE is attracting some amazing & talented Founders.. Our
Community is always buzzing with very happy people who know good things
are about to happen to us all.  😍
A True Global Movement and an Amazing Founding Family...
 The world needs ONPASSIVE now more than ever.... 


So true! LOL 🙈🙉🙊🙋😃

Sunday, March 15, 2020

ONPASSIVE/GoFounders phases & Why should you join us?

PHASE 1 - GoFounders  😊

This the current stage during which anyone worldwide can
acquire a Founder position at a cost of $97. As I write this
there are 64550 folks who have gathered the
information and have become Founders. This, I'm sure,
will prove to be a life-changing decision for them as it
will be for you should you decide to join us as we continue
to add 200 to 300 new Founders to our community each
day. However, there is now a very short window as we enter
the much anticipated home stretch of this awesome journey.

Why would someone want to purchase a Founder

Because they will be positioned in the company-wide 3 X
infinity matrix ahead of the masses that will be joining
when we proceed to phase 2 of the project.


This is the main platform that the programming team
continues to develop. This work has been ongoing for
about 2 years. The reason it is taking so long to launch
is apparent to those who are familiar with the project.
Those who cannot afford Founder positioning will
certainly want to join ONPASSIVE when it launches
in the very near future.

Why would someone want to join ONPASSIVE?

Because it utilizes a business model that solves the
problem that plagues 97% of the folks who participate
in a referral-based marketing business opportunity.

What is the problem?

97 out of every 100 participants, for a variety of reasons,
are not ready, willing or able to refer others to the
opportunity. Those who do not refer others earn
very little or nothing at all.

What is the solution?

The solution is the ONPASSIVE platform which uses
all of the common marketing techniques to drive traffic
on behalf of the folks who are participating in the project.
More importantly and for the first time ever in our industry,
in addition to time-tested marketing techniques, it will
utilize Artificial Intelligence to drive traffic. Here is what
ONPASSIVE will provide for everyone who participates....

....Guaranteed Unique Visitors
....Breakthrough Marketing Tools Using Top-Notch Technology
....Artificial Intelligence At It's Best
....Guaranteed Income Opportunity On Autopilot
....100% Hands Free Running On Automation
....Ultimate Residual Income Solution
....The Universal Solution To The Problem

Don't believe it?

Too good to be true?

I can understand your skepticism.

However, do not allow it to prevent you from gathering the
information. Over 64500 folks have gathered the information
and have made a very wise decision.

Here is one of my favorite overview videos that was produced
by Scott Nelson* back in August of last year. You will learn
about our proprietary products and our compensation plan
which is the best and fairest I have ever seen during my 25
years in the referral-based marketing arena.

Sadly, Scott passed away in December, but is with us in spirit
and will be never forgotten.   ðŸ˜‡

"Being in the right place at the right time
 isn't the key to success. 
Realizing that you're there and doing something
about it is the key." 
Robert Kiyosaki

Monday, March 9, 2020

Could you use a laugh ? Fun post today ....

While the whole world is going a little nuts right now ...  😛
Thought a funny post was appropriate for today! 

The milestones are moving so fast now for ONPASSIVE.. 
I didn't get a chance to even add the 62k poster, before it hit 63k .. 

The world needs ONPASSIVE now more than ever .... 
while working from home is becoming the new normal ..

 While the C-Virus is certainly not funny , these are .. 😉

& LOL  😎 ⇩ 😁

Find YOUR Happy Place, I definitely found mine! 😊

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

EXCITED as ever , as always .... lol

Growing at warp speed, as word gets out, & we are so close ....
ONPASSIVE will be massive, anyone that tells you any different
they obviously have not been paying attention .... or have no clue
about what is happening with ONPASSIVE. 

Don't let anyone steal your dreams, this is 100% REAL and is 
about to explode all over the net ... in such a good way. 
I started online in 2007 and literally have seen it all come & go ... 
Plus many, many years of building offline businesses
 before even coming online, been there, done that! lol
Even one last week that started in 2014 just vanished overnight..
No apologies, no explanation whatsoever, just GONE! Shocker! 😲

Needless to say I trust very little any more, besides 
ONPASSIVE/GoFounders and of course whatever is on my blog, 
  ðŸ˜ + myself ....  💝 & my own
gut instincts after all these years. I know who I trust and 
who I do not ....  👿 just sayin' 💟

We are hitting milestones, faster & faster every single day....
and very soon Founders postitions will be closed off for good. 

 AND ↪

Guarantees are unheard of in this industry normally...
This is so extraordinary and different,
 it has never been done before, the AI technology and so much more.
There are so many very excited people in our Founding Family
 and Community from all over the world.. 
We as paid Founders have a lot of valuable information in our back office 
that is not available to the public, so anyone that is not a Founder 
trying to tell you , this will never happen or never launch ...  
They are simply uninformed or just plain crazy! lol  😍

Come join our Global Family!