Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Whoops, slacking on posts lately .... so much is going on in the background,

 Been a while indeed, whoopsy.  Time does fly though, more so lately, missed a whole month it seems LOL  We finally have a date for ONPASSIVE TO LAUNCH and it seems it was even bigger than I imagined so long ago,  super exciting indeed.  😍

As much as I love nature over AI, there is a good kind, ONPASSIVE products are all to help humanity they say.   While I first joined even before we had a name for it 4 years ago now, I always had faith it would be HUGE and GOOD, it will be.   

Originally I was looking for something to help me build my Freemart business and now it seems Freemart will be closing down after 6 good years and loving the products OUCH!😞

I became a founder in Freemart in 2015, the products are amazing too, so very sad about that, I thought I would be in it forever ~ seems not. 💔 

While I may look at something new to do at the end of this year, I now have my 89 year old mother living with us , so trying not to be glued to the computer for too long at a time these days.  ONPASSIVE was originally an autopilot marketing system for any other business you might have, it has morphed into a very unique , patented product business and is massive already, before it is officially open to the public. 😊 Exciting times ahead indeed.   

Watch out world,  here we come .... ready or not ..  LOL  😀 

I got a little excited about the OMEDIA part of ONPASSIVE, hoping that will take over from all the FAKE NEWS  from the Mainstream media BS artists... 😎 lol 

Now wouldn't that be nice? Most people are slowly becoming aware of that and how much manipulation and propaganda MSM put out, so OMEDIA would be a great alternative. 

Yes, we sure do! 😍