Tuesday, February 21, 2023

"the storm is upon us" , now has a whole new meaning....

 I don't think many New Zealanders are going to forget Cyclone Gabrielle in a hurry.... we survived the storm of the century at least.  Many didn't sadly.   

We got lucky with just a few branches flying and some of the new garden washing away, our house is still intact thankfully.  So many were not so lucky up & down the country. 

Roads washing away, thousands without power still, the internet was at best, useless.

Then the 6.3 earthquake after the cyclone. .. what in the world ???   

Anyhoo, have lots to catch up on it seems, online anyway....  the gardens are fixed and tree branches removed with a couple of  nice sunny days to get it all done. It was a hairy few days but feeling very lucky indeed.   Hearts go out to the not so lucky ones.  💔

Feeling grateful and blessed right now with so much going on all over the world, "the best is yet to come"  I am certain of that.  Make the most of every moment! 💖😍💕

       Live, love, laugh!✌😊