Sunday, September 18, 2022

It's almost time ...

 It has always been about timing, huge things are happening that most people are unaware of, while I have never been religious however I always knew we are not alone in this universe and I am more spiritual and knowing than even I knew.  Seems appropriate to mention that not everything is as it seems,  the darkest before the dawn as they say....

Anyway I have come to the conclusion that ONPASSIVE will launch when the time is right and the financial systems we know today are shut down and the new ones come into play. 

NOT the New World Order version , the We the Peoples versions  coming SOON ... 😍💖

All I can say is hold on tight , the best is yet to come and WWG1WGA.


September 24th will be an important date, the 25th is the birth of a new era,

while it may take time to put things right, they will be!  Amen to that...💗

Let the good times roll ... (and no I am not crazy)  👀😆

We have been lied to our entire lives from the governments all around the world, truly evil , they lied about 9.11, they lied about landing on the moon, so just imagine (without your head exploding) that the truth will always win and it will set you free 😌

Just be ready for some shocking things that are coming out and try to stay calm. 

Remember this : 


Be awake ~ not woke! 😍