Sunday, April 28, 2019

Another great milestone reached .....

Growing at a phenomenal rate daily, for good reason.... 

100% Legal, & as REAL as it will ever get online... 

There are some CRAZY people out there who think this is a scam and not real... LOL 
if it was, I certainly would not be a part of it & I am in it to win it 100% 
And a very, very proud member of our TRUE Founding Family ! 


Saturday, April 20, 2019

Happy Easter and GoFoundersGo ...

Happy Easter holiday, from my family to yours.  👪 👪💖

While here in Vietnam, they do not seem to acknowledge Easter here,
 so no sign of a chocolate bunny or an Easter egg anywhere to be seen!
 Although that is obviously not what the meaning
of Easter is all about ....but just for fun , 👇 a funny bunny! 

And just for a laugh! 😄

And last but not least,  we are now at over 23,000 Founders now, the site has been
up & down for maintenance, over the weekend, we were told we have a little more
time to wait, but it will be so worth it..     Whoohooo!  👍
So if the site is down, come back later... IT WILL BE BACK! 😄

One of my fav' videos from when we got to the 15,000 milestone, love the fireworks!  💖



Definitely UNSTOPPABLE .... 💟

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Do you have a day job you don't like?

Ever want to quit it & enjoy life without an alarm clock?  
and be.....
 This could be you too 👇

Find out how & click below! 👀

Plus coming soon Digital Vault.. Revv Card!
Banking the easy way... Perfect timing!$
You will need your own bank! 😀
Contact me and ask me how...


Thursday, April 11, 2019

Final chance to become a Founder in this incredible opportunity...

We hit two new milestones within a very short time & are having a special
 FOUNDERS ONLY call in the next day or so.. that I know I will not
be missing even at 4am my time! 😀 So exciting, we are almost there! 

 Now over 22,000 and growing daily ... 💖

Over 10,000 Real World Founders have joined in 60 days ..  
We are growing beyond expectations and setting growth records and we have not 
even started yet ...   NOW is the time to take Action !  Become a Founder while 
you still can, once it launches there may never be another chance to be one! 


😍You will be glad you did! 😍