Sunday, March 6, 2022

2022 Best Year Ever or the Worst ? We shall see in time I guess.

 Still waiting for ONPASSIVE to launch, I think maybe it is all about timing now...  πŸ˜‰

So many things going on in the background, the site and our back office look amazing. It should be good to go soon , (if the AI is the good kind and not the meta verse crap)  then I will be happy as a pig in mud to have waited so patiently for almost 4 years now ...  😍

The last two years I have been a little obsessed with being a truth seeker/teller and been kept rather busy offline and online with freedom fighting for our future .... 😍

Everything in life is so often about timing, if you find yourself , unemployed or in trouble financially and you could use a helping hand to brighten your future, then you may want to consider something new, no need to be a genius at techy stuff, maybe you just want to learn some new skills in other ventures, the options will be limitless with ONPASSIVE. 

Fully automated marketing for any other business you might have offline or online or school online classes which seems to be the new way of educating children from now on ... πŸ˜€

While everything in life is somewhat confusing these days, consider joining us now as once it launches it will be a phenomenal opportunity for everyone to have some fun with.  

The world will be watching 

It was created from love & will continue that way "In it to Win it" as they say! 
It will not be "big tech" it will be Massive tech, without the censorship !
😍Hallelujah 😍