Monday, February 26, 2024

Lots going on in the world .... Have been busy offline lately~

 We are selling our house and moving , since it has been 18 years in this place,

I have forgotten how much work moving is LOL  Still unsure of where

we will end up yet. 

ONPASSIVE is having some issues right now and not sure what

 is going on with that either right now. Upside down world ... 

They did just hire an AI expert of 40 years apparently, so things are

 moving along, some tie up with the SEC (corporation doing there thing)

 holding things up it seems. 

Only time will tell.  Which seems to be flying on by as usual, way too fast.💥😄

Just going with the flow right now, as everything is so up in the air... 😍😉

Love and light from New Zealand 😎