Wednesday, January 18, 2023

AI ~good or bad? can it be both ? Good question...

 ONPASSIVE is supposed to be the good kind of AI and the 

WEF are definitely NOT good at all. 😒

So my question is maybe, it depends who has control of it and is it helpful or not ?

Or do we want to be glued to any computer for hours a day? I know I love sunshine, fresh air, gardening and the outdoors more than being inside stuck at a computer all day. 😊🌱🌻 HOWEVER...

I know ONPASSIVE has a great CEO there, it has become a household name in places like India and Dubai already, which is fantastic and good news. 

We are still waiting to see how it all works for us all.  Time will tell. 

Soaring like the eagle...

"The best is yet to come" 

Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Happy New Year to all .....


Now that the truth is coming out about a lot of the not so nice things, it may not be a very happy new year for many,  sadly.  😔
Seems ironic that all the good stuff is coming out this year, like ONPASSIVE and the LiveGood business is attracting a lot of attention now too, yet all the horrible lies are coming out at the same time, most of which will blow peoples' minds once they find out what has really been going on in the world.  (Sad but true) 

The great awakening is happening.  A little lost for words really. 💝
ONPASSIVE IS LAUNCHING and people will need good products, so win/win for all those involved with the good stuff ... & let the evil ones be gone! 😊

Peace, love & light 😍