Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Happy New Year, or it will be really soon..... 2022 bring it on...

We launched the beta testing for O-Founders which will be a part of the
 ONPASSIVE launch coming soon. 😊

I am certainly hoping OP uses the good AI and not the bad version ...

Time will tell I suppose. 

We had a very quiet Christmas here and also New Years eve too. 😎


With Truth Social coming soon too, we might have a bit of good competition

with that coming around the same time as ONPASSIVE it seems ..  💖 

3 YEARS IN THE MAKING and looks great so far in our back office

of O-Founders a lot of great tools to come as well as over 50 useful products for 

marketing and just everyday business tools we all need , online & or offline. 

Everything in one place , sounds really good to me.  😍

Plus, checkout Shopfreemart, our products are amazing & in these crazy

 times people need what we have, since 2015 so not just the latest fads.  

All of a sudden, EVERYONE is a vitamin salesperson 😔

Hey if they work, then all good, I know personally that ours definitely do! 

That was the original reason I joined ONPASSIVE in the first place was to help promote Freemart on autopilot , quite literally.  So if you have any legal business then you should really check out ONPASSIVE too. 👀  


Nothing could be further from the Truth right now. 

Great Quote !