Thursday, June 8, 2017


For anyone who needs to find out how to get some Bitcoin ... Here's what I found!
I have tried a few places over the years and it has got a whole lot easier now.
With everyone trying to find out more these days and crypto currencies becoming
even more popular.   I think Virwox is great, but complicated.... if you are in the US
then Coinbase is probably the simplest one ...   for anyone International, I found CEX
even simpler than Xcoins (which uses paypal) but sometimes getting the code can
be an issue there...  CEX has been the simplest so far....

Now they have added features of withdrawing to cards, I do think many will find
it even easier than before....  TBC is soon launching its own exchanger which will
be great for those who want to buy or sell those... for now, the best way to get BTC
seems to be CEX.   Click below to find out more and how!