Sunday, November 7, 2021

Wow, huge numbers now , just in the last few weeks.... ONPASSIVE ~ yay

 We hit the million mark towards the middle of October and growing faster each day. 

Take note of what is says in the middle! 💟😍



Here is a short video from our CEO , when ONPSSSIVE is this huge and exciting it starts to gain notice, they often end being up a target for some the nasties of the world. If you see anything to the contrary that this business platform is anything other than beyond great, then it is an outright lie.  3 years in the making from scratch and about to launch to the world , watch out world is all I will say... 😊

I originally fell in love with ONPASSIVE even before we had a name and the payment back then was manually done,  my very first ID was #1495 😁

I was looking for passive marketing for my and then I came across Ash and his first two videos he had made. I knew right away he was a genuinely good man, (gut instincts at first) so I signed up and then went to work growing a team of friends, which I then spent the next two years defending ONPASSIVE against all the nay sayers we had back then and now look how far we have come, while I do like to stay passive- ish , we do have a skype room to connect and while some like to be doing videos etc , I am not fussed on that , I might once it launches and we have our own platforms to use. Never liked Fakebook and don't like Zoom, call me weird, but hey.

Everything all in one place  yet 50 or so businesses under one roof, what most of us search for and have searched for, for years. So I am truly grateful to Ash and his massive teams for having the vision to create such a wonderful family business for us all to enjoy and as Ash says "We are in it to win it" 💓

Oh, it is coming & very soon 💏💑😍

"The correction to the corruption" love it!