Monday, May 8, 2017

With all the things that have come and gone lately ...

Who do you trust these days?...   ME!  lol  My gut instincts are usually pretty
spot on and I am super fussy now what I do online.  Bitcoin programs are
coming out of the woodwork,  but be aware and do your homework first...
As there are many scams going on with crypto currencies , fake mining etc...
There are a few good ones and Michael Weber is about to start a new one!
So watch out for that.....  (name unknown yet) 
USI-Tech I truly feel will be a very good long term safe company that has huge
potential and uses legitimate trading and can be completely passive for anyone.

And a picture of my flowers from my birthday in April...  had a great day
and have been out and about a lot lately, hence the slacking of posting here...
Should be online a lot more, now Kev' has gone back to work... lol

 Have a beautiful day! 

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