Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Once again ... how time flies

August already .. wow!   We finally got back home to New Zealand for good now,
and a whole month has gone by already, hard to believe.  
Saying goodbye to some great friends we made in Vietnam was hard, but I must
say I am so happy to be back....  Birds chirping instead of traffic beeping 😀
The smell of freshly cut grass and all the simple things in life we missed.

Although the weather is a lot colder at the moment, I love being home...
Catching up with family and seeing my grandaughter more is awesome!

Kevin has a little recovering to do yet, but the fresh air is helping, plus of course the
Freemart products are doing their magic ....  so things can only get better....

Happy, Happy, Joy , Joy!  😊 Feeling thankful.......

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