Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Great news on USI , for those who doubted it for a second LOL

USI is My #2 pick for a great company...
Nothing will ever beat Freemart  My #1  
For those who thought USI was a scam, shame on you ...   😀
NO it is not ... it is totally transparent AND 100% Legit!

While they did close it down to the US & Canada for a week or so
for legal reasons ... This video will explain WHY that happened. 

For us honest people it will be safe for years....
If you abused the system and or your account there,
then you have a very good reason to worry ...
You will be banished! 😛

Watch this video ....  if you have not joined yet ...  You can join here... 

This explains everything ,  Great news indeed. 

Over the last 10 years, I truly have learnt to spot the scams in a few seconds...
While we all get sucked in occasionally through unforeseen circumstances,
or following the wrong "so called leaders" , you should always do your own
due diligence anyway.    Or start listening to your own gut instincts perhaps ....

I felt Bitconnect was a scam from Day one, as well as Zeek, and many others
that thousands joined because of word of mouth or out right lies ....   
Sadly we have all seen it happen way too many times....  Anything on my blog
here is what I feel is 100% Legitimate or it would not be on here FULLSTOP!
That I promise YOU ...  and I am right about 99% of the time... LOL  😁

Any questions about anything on here, please feel free to find me on skype or
email me here from the contact page.    Thanks for reading if you got this far!


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