Saturday, February 9, 2019

Update status on two great things happening....

Having fun back in New Zealand. Granddaughter is staying over ... loving that...
Have been enjoying family, fun, fresh air, sunshine and life is good and about
to get a whole lot better....
Some updates on Vitae and Go founders...  😀
Vitae is in Beta testing mode for now, not open to the public just yet ..
Great update video for Vitae and also about patience, which has been required
for both Vitae SRW Launch and also waiting on the launch of Onpassive...
which will blow the industry up, in such a good way... Can't wait for that!
Super exciting year for 2019 ...We do have our temporary site at Gofounders
Do consider getting in there as a founder before we go live ...
Huge advantage!  Millions will be coming in for sure ... Love, love, love it!

We have now hit yet another milestone as well... way to go everyone ...   😍

Now for the update for Vitae, opening to the public very soon!

For more information go to my Vitae tab above ...  

Or Click below to become a Founder Today!  😊  

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