Saturday, April 20, 2019

Happy Easter and GoFoundersGo ...

Happy Easter holiday, from my family to yours.  👪 👪💖

While here in Vietnam, they do not seem to acknowledge Easter here,
 so no sign of a chocolate bunny or an Easter egg anywhere to be seen!
 Although that is obviously not what the meaning
of Easter is all about ....but just for fun , 👇 a funny bunny! 

And just for a laugh! 😄

And last but not least,  we are now at over 23,000 Founders now, the site has been
up & down for maintenance, over the weekend, we were told we have a little more
time to wait, but it will be so worth it..     Whoohooo!  👍
So if the site is down, come back later... IT WILL BE BACK! 😄

One of my fav' videos from when we got to the 15,000 milestone, love the fireworks!  💖



Definitely UNSTOPPABLE .... 💟

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