Friday, July 19, 2019

Ok this post could be a long one .... but from the heart!

A must watch replay will be below it, if you get that far down.. LOL   ðŸ’“

Anyway, 25 years of marketing offline, including 11 years online and I pride myself
on picking good businesses that actually last. (it is my thing & I am good at it) 😁
Don't get me wrong it was not always that way ....Made huge mistakes along the way
as everyone usually does, learning from it and not repeating it is what becomes necessary.

The first five years online was an absolute nightmare,  the next five years were pretty
good, the next five are going to be awesome... Why ? because I have found the one
that will be my home forever... GoFounders/Onpassive! 

 About to launch very soon, the day I saw it almost one year ago, I just knew in my
heart & soul that it was the ONE that would help everyone & help me duplicate myself
(automated and done for you) so that every single person in it , WILL WIN it. (I love that)
Plus we did not even have a name for it back then or a website, I just KNEW there was
something different about it from day one. 💓

So many times I have built businesses only to be told it is shut down for one reason or
another (in the early days that was)  everything I have done in the last 5 years is still up &
running and is long term, sometimes slow but still good & it is very hard for others to duplicate
what I have learnt over the years..(the hard way) sadly most of us do go through all that at first..
"Grow through, what you Go through" life lessons for sure! 
"Maths never lies" , just some people do!  😁
And of course even advertising does not work as well as it use to.
Adwords was one cent a click, now try having a budget there LOL  

Trust is also an issue with many people and for very good reason.
Scammers, liars and down right thieves some of the Admins' are these days.
Times have changed dramatically..

I saw thousands joining things like Zeek, Profitable sunrise, Telex, Banner Brokers etc
Yet I never touched the 10 biggest scams that so many others did and they all thought I was
the crazy one ... Go figure!  I have never touched a ponzi ever and I got scammed once in
the last few years, because it was an automated BTC program, which I know many loved the
idea of that, so did I , but alas it was run by a crook as they often are ...  so I lost $60, not
the end of the world, but was not happy seeing so many ripped off yet again.

Long story short-ish, I literally stopped looking after finding Freemart 3 years ago,
(which I still love) until I saw what I do believe 100% will change all our lives in such
 a good way and actually help us build any other good business we do have, the
 perfect match indeed.  

YES, You can google it and find some morons saying it is a scam etc, but I assure you
 it is as REAL as it will ever get and the owner is an amazing man who loves his
Founding Family and he has so much passion for helping everyone who joins.
Once you know the FACTS and you start seeing it everywhere with so many happy people
around the world, you may have missed the opportunity of becoming a Founder...OUCH!

You can always wait until you see it, to believe it and join as an affiliate later,
that is okay too, but you would have missed what I do believe is the chance of a lifetime.

Truly phenomenal what is happening right now, If you listen to the replay below and are
not blown away, then you need to see a doctor LOL ... Seriously though ...

Click here to listen to it NOW ... you will be glad you did. 😁

You can contact me from here or just go directly to jump on board with us here:  Hurry before it is too late! 


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