Friday, August 9, 2019

Freaky Friday again already ....

Mind you,  working from home, seems everyday is Friday LOL ..  😊
You do lose track sometimes of what day it actually is... FUNDAYs!

My Grandaughters' 6th Birthday today, bless her , she thinks Grammy lives in the
computer, as we skype sometimes, now she is older she knows better LOL
Can't wait to get back to NZ to see her again. Miss her heaps... 
Happy Birthday Sophia Rose! 💖😍

Anyway just for a bit of FUN ...  A fun game to play for some free BTC  .
Takes a few seconds a day and there is a minimum withdrawal , but it adds up fast!
And yes there is pop up ads, but ignore those and have some fun with it ...  😁

And Lotto Springs decided to close down on August the 31st this year, after almost 5 years
not sure as to the why, but you know what they say, one door shuts another one opens! 
I think many people just forgot about it sadly, it was a good fun business.  
Sorry to see it go, but better things are coming soon all good Thankfully! 

The Secret Knowledge of Believing! 😀
Happy Friday, Enjoy! 💓


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