Friday, October 25, 2019

Home Sweet Home in New Zealand ....

So excited to be home, back in New Zealand. A lot to catch up on... 
Labour Weekend here, so a long weekend for everyone else. 
Catching up with family and settling back in has been fun. 
Still yet to catch up with all the boys ..  😊👪

ONPASSIVE now has all the official sites up & running, 
Facebook, official youtube channel, linkedin and twitter! 
No launch date as of  yet, it will be well worth the wait for sure.
 Now over 42,000 Founders In it to win it! 
Another great milestone! 

While ONPASSIVE will be the next Super Unicorn Company, I do keep finding
Unicorns everywhere I look LOL 💟  Got this little beauty at a local market. 

Took the picture of it in front of my Salt lamp & YES it is mine..
Super Cute huh? 😁

And just for fun ...  love this! 😍



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