Monday, February 24, 2020

SO EXCITED .... 2020~Watch out world ....

Getting ready to rock & roll real soon now ... 
💓Our last private webinar was amazing! 💓

Who remembers the movie Forest Gump? 
Remember when he said "I got some stock in some small 
little fruit company" when someone asked where he made all 
his gazzillions (his word for a lot of money) Anyway.....
that little fruit company turned out to be 
Apple Computers Ltd .. LOL 😁   
Then he was able to help his friends and family, he built some 
churches and did a lot of good things for others because of it...
I know that was just a movie ...but this is REAL LIFE NOW..

And being a Founder in ONPASSIVE will literally be that 
same scenario as in the movie Forest Gump!  

Imagine being in at the beginning of something so huge, while 
most people have no idea what is coming ..  we Founders DO! 

This will literally be your last chance to become that lucky... 
and be in before the millions coming in once it launches!

100% not a movie, this is REAL LIFE, REAL PEOPLE , 
and we are in for the ride of our lives in 2020! 

💝If you have a good heart and love helping other people, then this 
is for YOU !  JOIN US TODAY! 😵

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