Thursday, June 11, 2020

Holy Moly ... What a mind blowing Founders webinar we had today!

If you have not joined us yet, you really should! πŸ˜€
People may lie, Maths never lies... 
We went over a few of the numbers today + 
a whole lot more great information! 
Can you say Super Unicorn Company?
 ONPASSIVE will be one! 

The milestones jumped a few thousand in just days! 😡
A truly Global Family movement going on! 
The call left many of us speechless and super excited.. 
The recording is in our back office already for Founders Only!
I am sure many of us will listen to it again & again... lol 
Seriously though, the price is going up soon and the soft launch
will be happening within the month, so NOW is the time to 
jump right in, boots and all .. No regrets later, I assure you... 

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