Saturday, September 9, 2023

RIP Molly , our dear wee dog we loved so much....

                 She will be missed immensely, so broken hearted💔💘😣

                                      Awww, Look at that face👀 So cute, she was

                                                       &  a sweet wee soul indeed. 

                                          😍🙏RIP Molly💖💞You were so loved!💔

And to cheer up a little, this one worked ~🌻
Mothers, I do remember most of them too... 😍

Molly and my Mother will never be forgotten! 
Both left us in 2023.  😇😍🙏💫

Some good news from ONPASSIVE this week, however I  will leave that for another day, as not really feeling in work mode today at all.   Love & Light to ALL ✌

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