Sunday, November 16, 2014

Crypto Karate - The two sides of the different Dojos'

One side pays in  "Bitcoins" & the other in "Dollars"
AND all I can say is WOW and......................

 Be sure to check out the tabs above or links below to get to
the sites of "Crypto Karate" and or the "Dollar Dojo" also...

They are both run the same way, only one uses bitcoins,
 the other uses dollars and they DO WORK WELL...

Click above to listen in !
Unlike many cyclers and matrices the Crypto Karate dojos move along
very similar and almost identical to how a conveyor belt does!

Plus the more members that join us, the faster it gets, almost the
complete opposite of how most programs normally work....
No breakage, going wide or slowing down as people join, this is GENIUS!
Plus the bonuses just got even better.....
Below are the charts for both pay plans, Big money and many
have already done well in both sides of Crypto Karate and this
is truly just the beginning still.... OMG is all I can say!

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