Thursday, February 26, 2015

Seems the biggest SCAM on the internet is .....

The RealScam. Com website itself... 

While the word "scam or scammer" does get thrown about
way too many times more than it actually should be sometimes... 
What a joke that site is..... 
While it MIGHT (highly unlikely) be useful on the odd occasion ...
for the ones that genuinely ARE actual scams or scammers , then fine!

HOWEVER, The jerk running it, obviously has no real clue about who or 
what ends up on his site or who adds stuff that shouldn't even be there at all! 

WHAT AN A-HOLE!!   ("o )  ( my personal opinion)  

I have seen them over the years put good legit programs on that site,
then when the owners try to ask him to remove it, he starts a huge 
fight, to keep posts and threads going,  just to get more traffic 
to his site most likely... so I won't give him that satisfaction by going there.

ANYWAY, he used to just target Owners/Admins, now it seems he is just 
grabbing random Members names from programs and adding it to his crappy site,
calling us ALL scammers  WOW, WHAT A DICKHEAD..
just because we are in a program that one bitter person calls a scam, now good
honest people are being thrown on there too, and definitely not the first time I have
seen them do that there.  

If I find where to put in a complaint, other than the JERKS site, I will  
be doing that, in the meantime I thought I would write a post here
as I am totally pissed off (& it is good to let it all out) ...  

Looking on the brighter side, I am now FAMOUS apparently... LOL ..  
He added MY name to his crappy site, because of a program someone else
didn't like .. or said was a scam, IT PAID ME, and it is still around. 

The one mistake they did make though, was to mention the word "gifting" I think,
as it is NOT gifting at all, it was 100% legit training on Crypto currencies,
with a chance to be paid in bitcoins along the way, which it did!   

Plus the FACT, I am just a member like everyone else, NOT  the Owner or Admin..  
AND IF I were a scammer,  I am sure I would be rich already! .... DOH! 

SO, if you are looking to find what is and what is NOT a scam,

DO NOT GO THERE, as you could miss out on something good ... 

Go to Google and put in the name of the program with a +scam next to it, and
do not always believe everything you read online even after doing that either.

Similar things also happen in MMG  (MoneyMakerGroup) that forum is full of very 
negative people who think EVERYTHING is a scam most of the time, but 
SOMETIMES it can be interesting reading too. (if you enjoy a headache)  (".) 

At the end of the day ... trust YOUR own gut instincts too and
YES, do your own due diligence first....  
Sometimes good things do come to an end, that does NOT always
automatically make them a scam!   

ANYTHING that says "get rich quick"  or "make a million overnight" 
is definitely a scam & run a mile, as fast as you can..  
It will never happen like that and good things take time or money, or both!   

Also, ask people who have been online for a looooong time, they will tell you 
exactly what is good and what is not and also who to trust most of the time.... 
(although the sharks & gurus won't - they just want your money) ... 

That knowledge will also come from years of your own experiences,
from the good, the bad and the ugly. 

OK my rant is over now.. & I do feel SO much better! 

Thank YOU for reading if you made it all the way down here... 

Cheers , 

P.S.  I didn't even join any of the last few biggest scams that 
thousands of others did, so I do pride myself on KNOWING one
when I do see it!  

"Many things will catch your eye,
Very few will catch your heart too,
Pursue those that do ...(with passion) " 

~ Dianne Kneller-Weaver 

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