Wednesday, February 11, 2015

X100K - Turbos are coming soon ....

Seriously, if you are not in X100K yet, 
or even if you already are...

AND You have the opportunity to be FIRST IN!

Here is how the New Company Forced Turbo Matrices 
will work (No Personal Sponsoring Required to Earn)

Twin Turbo Matrix
4 X 2 Company Forced Matrix
Pro Members Only.

Turbo 1
Value: $20
Daily Limit-4 (Your Position must be placed before you can
purchase another position)

Earnings for completing each level
Level 1) $20 (your $20 back with 4 positions filled on Level 1)
Level 2) $80 (only 16 positions required to fill Level 2)
Sponsor Bonus - $20

Matrix Entries upon completing Level 2
16- Free Way Matrix
1-Turbo 2

Ads for Each $20 Purchase:
10,000 Banner and text ads

Turbo 2
Value: $100
Daily Purchase Limit-1

Earnings for completing each level
Level 1) $100
Level 2) $800
Sponsor- $80

Matrix Entries upon completing Level 2:
1-Turbo 1
61-Free Way
Unlimited earnings because of 1-Turbo 1 re-entry!

Ads for Purchase:
50,000 Banner and text ads
2,000 Login ads on cycle

OK, so what do you need to do NOW?

You just need to JOIN TODAY (IF, you haven't already!)

When you join, be sure to accept the FREE - Free Way Matrix Position.
LOG in Daily and....

You will need to fund your e-wallet with at least $27
between now and Feb 17 & be upgraded to Pro
by Feb 17th. ($7 for upgrade to Pro and $20 for Turbo 1)

Only Pro members can purchase positions in the Turbo Matrices.

See the Countdown Clock in your members area in the back office
for the time to Make YOUR Purchase(s) on Feb 20th, 2015!)

Turbo 1 and Turbo 2 Matrices are both rapid cycling
Company Forced Matrices, so expect rapid payouts
if you purchase as soon as you can on launch day!

Let's put the "We" back into Wealthy!  

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