Friday, July 17, 2015

Funny story - Sort of, NOT...

Still in Vietnam, trying to learn some more of the language, 
getting a bit better at it. However READING it is a whole
other story ... lol  especially while at the supermarkets.

OMG,  we thought we would try some new things,
(food wise that is) lol & so we found a different supermarket
 just for a change of scenery more or less...  WELL...

Got back to the apartment (we have no oven) so we got some
microwavable stuff for a change, without thinking or reading ..
I heated up the bowls of food...  Kev' got wonton soup , which
back in NZ he actually loves , so that was easy enough...

Mine looked like a sweet n sour pork from the picture ..
but alas,  it tasted like chicken ....  weird, I thought at the time..
ANYHOO .. turned out when I translated the writing on
the label , it was FROG freakin' PORRIDGE.. 

I know the french love frogs legs, it grossed me out, as I had pet frogs
when I was a kid, so needless to say, I could not eat it at all !

And here I was worried about ever eating dog here .. 
(by accident of course) or cat or worse... AND
even worse being a dog lover too, so have been super careful..
not sure anyone here ever does that now days either , hoping not!


I learnt a valuable lesson though ,  BUY FRESH PRODUCE,
(so you can see what you are getting and or cooking yourself)
and use the gas cooker,  healthier no doubt anyway..  LOL  ..

Hopefully no frog lovers will be hurt reading this post ... 

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