Sunday, July 19, 2015

In Vietnam still, MISSING my boys and family AND

the dogs & being back at home in New Zealand... lol   
A couple of pictures and a short video below too... 

My time flies way too fast,  she is the cutest wee thing though,  Sophia Rose below who is almost 2 already! :) 

A dogs life in New Zealand, although it is
cold there now, Monty & Python lazing in 
the sun lucky wee things,  I bet they miss
us too, or do they? They do not look too
worried about us .. I must say! 
AND the video below  is what we have to go
through just to get to the supermarket  
(not kidding) however we are usually in a 
taxi thankfully ... ha ha .  

Plus a picture below of our apartment
building in Vietnam the Phuc Yen,  
taken from a couple of streets away around
the corner (and a rare quiet street, at that )  

 Awww, cute or what?
Sophia Rose, a real 
Daddys' little girl too!

She speaks like a four year old , very clever wee thing and  she loves her Grammy! lol 

 I will never complain about a traffic jam EVER again back 
in New Zealand...   I swear !     
Now, if only online traffic to my websites looked like that.. ~ NICE!  :) 

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