Monday, December 30, 2019

ONPASSIVE and A Tribute to Mr Scott Nelson...

While we hit another amazing milestone of 50,000 which is fantastic, we got the 
sad news of Scott Nelson passing suddenly a couple of days ago, very sad indeed. πŸ’”
ONPASSIVE had a special webinar this morning as a tribute to such a lovely man 
who will be sorely missed by his family and our ONPASSIVE family also. 

His lovely wife Stephanie even joined us on the call, I must say it was amazing to hear
such heartfelt adoration for a man who many of us had never met in person, but we did 
all get to know him through our live calls and webinars and he was much loved and he
will be missed deeply. His legacy will live on through ONPASSIVE and his family. 
A short & sweet video... πŸ’–


Also he has a special page here:  ONPASSIVE.Com/ScottNelson πŸ’Ÿ

Never in all my years of business have I seen this happen before... 
It truly is a very caring, close knit community of like-minded people at ONPASSIVE. 


Best Business Ever to be a part of  & Best System Ever....  😍  

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