Sunday, December 8, 2019

ONPASSIVE Ecosystem is almost here ...

Hitting new milestones weekly now, we had a 3 hour Private webinar last week & WOW
is about all I can say, since we were asked not to discuss all the exciting details...
We just hit the 47,000 super happy people that are lucky enough to be Founders. 😁

ONPASSIVE'S products will be phenomenal and we did learn that it will not be launching
this month, but definitely it will be launching some time early in 2020 and will be well worth
waiting for ... absolutely incredible value and so exciting to see it all coming to fruition....
Not a doubt in my mind it will hit the "Super Unicorn" status fairly fast and become a
household name within a very short time, it will stun the internet community and quite
possibly the whole world wide web for sure ...  huge paradigm shift indeed.

ONPASSIVE WILL BE IT'S VERY OWN ECOSYSTEM...  Here is just some of why.... 
We were allowed to share this image ....   😊 so here it is .....  


25 Years in this industry and 12 years working online, (and one heart attack later) .. LOL
This is what we have all been waiting for & dreaming about for years and is a much needed
Company for anyone who either has a website, a product to sell or just wants a secure future
in uncertain times and if you can send an email or fill in a Facebook profile , then you are good
to go in ONPASSIVE.  See you on the other side as a Founder or as a Customer real soon.😁

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