Thursday, March 19, 2020

65,000+ Founders and a MUST WATCH Video..

 A Truly Global Movement is ONPASSIVE!

This video needs to go as viral as the virus! 😍

Seems Dr Dan Lee Dimke PHD,  wrote his book in 1984 😲
How to conquer the common cold and flu & since the C-Virus is 
just another flu virus basically , seems to me that this is IMPORTANT
 to tell people about. Plus the video is GOOD news...  
Might stop some of the panic that is going on out there.
(If only more people actually read my blog LOL) 😏
Besides Silver helping too & no one is talking about that either.
Because the FDA is shutting them all up. Hmmm! 
Shocker ~ NOT! 
Why not some good news for a change....? 
Silver does kill ALL viruses... ! 😀

😍😀Happy Weekend !! 😍😁 Stay safe! 💬
or get a hair dryer if you don't have one LOL 
(If you watched the video, you will get that) ðŸ‘

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